Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Garden Post!

Still breaking from the studio and trying to get caught up in other areas - today was *the garden*. I imported my mother for a week to help me do some decision making and long term planning. (After such a long push with this last project, my decision-maker is worn out. Or possibly broken...)

The raised beds are mostly cleaned out and prepped (nice, big trailer-full of manure spread last week). And if you look carefully to the left of the lower middle bed you can see some stakes in the grass marking where I want to add the next one. The corners are on order and the wood is being acquired.

The overwintering collards are starting to flower, so they are near their end... The chickens and I will fight for the last of them. The raspberry bed is all cleaned out (and I'm all scratched up) - and always looks worryingly sparse in the early spring. By June it's choked with canes and berries.

My baby dwarf fruit trees are nearly ready to blossom. I am also in the planning stages of a round, raised bed in the center of the lawn and have marked out the probable location of a green house. (The chickens watch on in frustration at me being out, and them being in. However, once I start planting seeds and sprinkling fertilizer and such, they are problematic to have out. They'll have to wait until June before being allowed out again).

Here is studio-dog, Jack, regally overlooking his backyard domain.

So happy to be back out in the yard with the growing things...

...Life is good.


Jennifer said...

Lovely, Tara!

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

yes, quite lovely. :]

The Garden Ms. S said... must so refreshing after your long haul in the studio. Enjoy the green! :)

Wendy Wright said...

Soooo lovely! I am so excited for you! :)

clairesgarden said...

all ready to go! its a time of great hope and anticipation!