Monday, May 03, 2010

Music Monday - Beltane Fire Dance

To continue to celebrate the beginning of May, I give you yet another applicable Loreena McKennitt (live perfomance, with seasonal photos) -

and here is one last batch of May Day/Beltane photos from Camlann -

Participants and performers alike enjoying the day, from big -

- to small....

...although even the small -

- could particpate (much to their delight)....

I certainly enjoyed the anachronisms - gown and cell phones. Robes and tennis shoes....

And here's hoping for spring in earnestness! (we could certainly use a fire tonight. It's be dismal and frigid today. Rain, wind, hail, thunder, lightening!)

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Anonymous said...

I just love following you on your adventures! I love the cell phone and the long dresses. Technology existing with the past!