Sunday, July 18, 2010

Succulent Saturday - Galleries and Museums...

This week I got to run into Seattle with POBL friend and awesome artist Rebecca Bush for some 'culture'-

We started off at the Roq la Rue gallery - mostly to see the mini show of Eric Fortune (which was unsurprisingly breath-taking. The guy can paint like nobody's business! Click his name above to see these pieces close up.)

Featured at this show was Glenn Barr - although I must say I was more impressed with his painting-on-wood-with-funky-frames than the actual paintings......

Rebecca is also a docent for the Seattle Art Museums and took me to see the Asian Museum, in the very lovely Volunteer Park... (if you look closely, you can see the Space Needle through the hole in the giant Asian donut sculpture. :-))

A smattering from inside:
Super cool Indian relief sculpture... (East Indian angels? Pig gods and Ganesh!)

Dragon riding anyone? (See the fabulous dragon claws in the close-up)

But my favorite Asian art is always the sculpted  horses. Their round heavy bodies and stylized faces... Love 'em!
...almost as much as the gallery-hopping-cupcakes that we treat ourselves with! :-) This time, the flavor of choice was Passionfruit-guava. Heaven!

Cupcakes and art. What could be better?


Soozcat said...

It all looks quite delicious. Passionfruit cupcakes? I am on the floor.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

I LOVE Eric Fortune's work. He can wield acrylic like no one else. What a fun day for you and Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

Those horses and the relief sculptures are beautiful!


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