Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Sketching - sort of

The bulk of this week was spent fighting off a cold and doing my TAD homework. Here is my latest version of the promotional poster:

And a version with some very subtle spots of color:

These are certainly not flashy and heavily digitally painted as some, but it is much closer to how I work while still fulfilling the assignment. Will be interesting to see how it goes over in critique.


d. moll, said...

Like it, more accessible than lots of flash, you want people to sign up, not be put off by something that is over the top. My two cents to the critiquers.....

Anonymous said...

I like both! The color didn't immediately draw my attention but certainly makes it easier to refind the information. Over all though, I like the first. I hope you let us know what they say.

Soozcat said...

I hope you feel better soon. Personally, I'd give this homework an A. :)

Lisa Hunt said...

Nice! I'm such a sucker for feathers.

June said...

Really nostalgic touch with the sepia tones, but I think the touch of blue colour brings the info forward nicely. Nice to see pixels are in the line up too!
So many ways to make art.

PS Hope you feel better soon.