Monday, September 20, 2010

Music Monday - Crescent Moons and Retreat Post - Part I

The song I wanted for this week was 'Moon Cradle' by Loreena McKennitt - but I can't find a version online to link to... Therefore, I'm putting up a moon-related repeat while I post the first batch of retreat photos:

So, POBL retreat 2010. Today, here are views of the wonderful cabin and Bumping Lake right across the way. Including the new crescent moon rising over the lake...  I'm also including the lyrics for Moon Cradle in the absence of the actual song for you to listen too...

When the moon-cradle's rocking and rocking
Where a cloud and a cloud go by
Silently rocking and rocking
The moon-cradle's out in the sky.

Then comes the lad with the hazel
And the folding star's in the rack
'Night's a good herd' to the cattle,
He sings, 'She brings all things back.'

But the bond woman down by the boorie
Sings with a heart grown wild
How a hundred rivers are flowing
Between herself and her child.

'The geese, even they trudge homeward
That have their wings and the waste,
Let your thoughts be on Night the Herder,
And be quiet for a space.'

The moon-cradle's rocking and rocking,
Where a cloud and a cloud go by,
Silent rocking and rocking
The moon-cradle out in the sky.

The snipe they are crying and crying
Liadine, liadine, liadine
Where no track's on the bog they are flying:
A lonely dream will be mine!
Where no track's on the bog they are flying:
A lonely dream will be mine!

 To be continued....


Julia Kelly said...

I bet you had a wonderful time- it looks great!

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Lovely photos. Looking forward to more reports on the getaway.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I always look forward to hearing about your retreats. i think it would be heavenly to do something like this.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Wonderful! *sigh*... :)

Hayden said...

ohh, my. just wonderful. Love the warm yellow light glowing in the windows. Recently changed the last of my "oh-my-god-summer-here-is-hot-I-may-die!" standard CFL bulbs to the 2700 Kelvins I finally found - waited for dark - and happily went outside to inspect the light coming from the house.

Yep. Yummy and warm and inviting. All that cold nasty blue light gone. (but - I couldn't believe how much heat I felt streaming off of the incandescents this summer! I needed a quick fix!)