Thursday, October 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday - homework -

Our last black and white assignment is supposed to be a personally meaningful piece centered around either the theme of 'loss' or 'dreams'.

Some of these are riffs on some previous sketches -

(this concept was totally lost on my young, single, male instructor... He was mystified.)

Here's a variation on the tree sketch...

I didn't get as far with this one - but this *is* a sample book cover that I totally want to finish at some point.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I got the "empty nest" symbolism immediately. I love that tree sketch too.

Hayden said...

Funny. Gender and age matter a lot in driving experience. It seemed obvious and poignant to me.

I've had the same problem with women writing teachers who seem to have lived their lives inside a teacup of proper behavior. Everything is the sturm and drang of relationships, written indoors. Because I've a wonderlust and thirst for adventure, I've not lived my life so carefully. I've been told my stuff is too *fantastic * life * doesn't work that way * and my favorite * you can't possibly have unchipped nail polish after abalone diving. *

Ahem. I have done it and it was. And I did admire it as I trudged back up the beach. Seemed to me to be a wonderful symbol of resilience, and the strength that is so often hidden under the surface of a woman. To her it was simply false, impossible.