Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday (Wednesday) Music - and more steampunkery

Busy week! (as I'm sure it is where you are, if you are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. And have a house full of people. And deadlines..)

There was a room devoted to live music at Steamcon (what is steampunk music you ask? Yeah, I did too... Was told it was classic sorts of songs done with a twist... You decide if that is at all satisfactory.) At any rate, here are a couple of the performers that were at the convention last weekend...

And for your viewing pleasure - more pics!

 Yes, that *is* a birdcage on her head (she had one of my favorite costumes all day).

 A very debonair couple...

 More of the boy...

 It's for *all* ages!! :-)

 The theme this year was "Wild, Wild West" - and behold! Steampunk cowboy!

These guys were from the League of S.T.E.A.M. ( This fine gentleman demonstated his zombie-fighting apparatus by having me grab the metal prongs. Zowiee! Pretty shocking - literally! (and powered by baby electric eels, no less...:-)

 Hand-powered wooden chain-saw.

 (they have paranormal adventures posted on their website..)

 Another awesome get-up...

Steam puppy!

 And this is the lovely Gail Carriger, signing her books for me. (squee!)
*Everyone* looked great. Over 95% of the people there were dressed to the nines. So much eye candy. I wish I could have taken a picture of *everyone* there.

But the company was the funnest part - the son, a good friend and some face time wandering about with Greg Manchess (who is the best sport of anyone I know).

Already looking forward to next year (which will be 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea :-).


Anonymous said...

Oh rats! I will not have replenished the coffers by then!
I'm off to New York next month, to baby-sit a cat!
If you'd like a postcard, let me know your email.

All the steam-punkery people look fantastic!(I bet they'd love my windscreen wipers for eye-glasses!)

Soozcat said...

Miss V has expressed an interest in attending next year's Steamcon (mostly because she is not constitutionally equipped to pass up any enterprise which involves elaborate costumes). I anticipate being roped into making some sort of steampunky-mermaidy outfit for her. (WHY does she think I can sew?!)