Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Libera - (plus Florida, part IV)

I love these boys.....

A quickie overview of the remainder of the fantastical Universal Studios -
 The truly fanciful Dr. Seus land...

 There were live Seussian characters bounding about (complete with stripey clothes and Seussian noses - they frightened my daughter. I found them charming...)

 The "Lost Continent" section of the park was enormous and epic looking....

 (Look! I would think they were the giant feet from 'Lost' - but there were five toes...)

 Jurassic Park was my son's favorite section of the place -

 We got to see lots of dinosaur bones and even pet a baby stegosaurus...

 (Not all the inhabitants were as benign however!!)

 And then there was Marvel Super Hero land!

...where Super Heroes abound! Just waiting for computer ops!

And villains tower over the unsuspecting citizens (hubby's foot was all sore - so we relegated him to a wheel chair for the day).

(I also enjoyed their sense of humor - such as placing Aquaman over the restrooms. :-)

Go team! Fun day.

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Hayden said...

Looks like a great time!

Watching the boys' choir I couldn't stop wondering about their hair stylist(s?) I've never seen such a perfectly charming group of hair styles, each so individual and so perfectly crafted to the individual. Quite unusual.