Monday, December 20, 2010

Music Monday - Grown-up Christmas List (plus Florida - part I)

One of my favorite Christmas songs, and a lovely live performance:

(Amy Grant's version was my first exposure.)

Well, the kids are both in college now, so we thought it was time we made it to Disney World.. you know, before they're married and have their own kids....?

It was bright and sunny, but frigid! (record breaking cold temps in fact. A thing we did not really pack for, much to our fingers, toeses and noses dismay).

It was fun to see the kids seeing the Magic Kingdom for the first time though.

A thing they took full advantage of - including getting their pictures taken with the characters. :-)

Or riding the iconic rides (son covering his ears in pain as we were stuck in the final room of the 'Small World' ride - trying to rid his brain of the virulent Small World ear-worm...)

But being this late in December, the sun sets early....

...and it is exhausting having so much fun!

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