Friday, January 28, 2011

Gallery Friday -

 Tonight, my critique group got to attend fellow-member, the lovely Michelle's, open to her gallery show.

 She had an impressive collection of paintings - big and small.

 This large one was "The Cabinet of Curiousities" (my personal favorite. Wish I had an extra $1000).

She had a wonderful variety of subject matter - from architectural landscapes from her month-long stint in Europe last year -

-to drawings of sculpture from the same trip,

to portraits, and still lifes - from her quirky collection of antique-objects-of-great-character.

(The wine-and-cheese table was decorated with some of these fabulous finds).

Here's the bulk of our POBL group - loved the show, and reveled in the after-show Thai food next door together. Critique groups are not just great - they are vital for artistic growth. And sanity. Thanks gals.


Hayden said...

looks like a great event and I can see why you're so taken by the Cabinet of Curiosities piece.... absolutely wonderful and appealing!

TaraLarsenChang said...

I love it when things look to be turning out just like we picture. :-) Sounds like you know how to deal with a series water feature.

If you dig your own pond (is it stream fed?), do you have to line the bottom to keep it there...? curious.