Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Monday - more Great Big Sea!

This weekend, after 2 failed attempts, I finally got to go see Great Big Sea in concert. (I've posted about their awesomeness before, here.)
We got to see them at the old Moore Theater -
(I haven't been there before - twas all greys and castle-y..)

It was loud and high energy - as was to be expected I suppose...
...although my favorite songs of theirs are their awesome a capella traditional harmonies...which is what I'[m sharing with you today (from their latest album)-


Soozcat said...

And thanks again for making it possible for me to see the B'ys in concert earlier. They are without doubt one of my favorite acts to see live -- but earplugs definitely make the auditory experience, both during and after the show, much more comfortable.

Jeff said...

I second the earplugs.

Great song! Glad you enjoyed the concert (and finally got to go).

TaraLarsenChang said...

Sooz - I'm glad you could attend in my place! Good to have someone who enjoys them.

And yes S & J - I would have enjoyed it even more had I brought earplugs... :-p (getting too old for this). Jeff - have you seen them in concert before?

Jennifer Rose said...

i am so jealous! I love the band and want to see them live really bad