Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday - packing up

Slogging away on the final spreads for the current book. Just found out my deadline is more urgent than had been previously indicated [Warning: Dates in calendar may be closer than they appear] - so instead of packing up some fun experimental things to work on during our Spring Retreat this weekend, I shall continue with the slogging...

We'll see if I have any moments for walks along the water or picture taking.... stay tuned.


P&H Design said...

Ooh, it looks like a busy, PRODUCTIVE workspace, which is more than I can say for myself right now. Busy, but not on drawing. I've got alot of layout, graphic design work to do. I shouldn't complain, it pays the bills (grin). Good luck for your deadline and try to find some 'retreat' in your Spring Retreat : )

Hayden said...

Arghhh! The calendar does that to me all of the time. there's this little voice whispering that I have oodles of time..... and suddenly, I don't. Good luck with your race against the clock, hope it leaves you with time to spare.