Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday - more Star Wars (music + exhibit)

This one is my son's favorite piece of music from the series -

(And yet another great french horn solo in the beginning).

We had initially planned to go to this exhibit with my son, but long story short - he was not able to come, so these pictures over the next few days are for him -
 One of my favorite elements of the exhibit were the maquettes -this clay one of General Grevious' head -

 Clay maquette of Watto. About a foot tall.

 Full body for General Grevious.Surprisingly detailed.

And here's a tiny version of Luke on his Tauntaun (again - tiny and detailed!)

 And here is a near life-sized Wampa! (aka - the Abominable Snowman! heh). Wicked claws.

And full-sized Wookies! They were impressively statuesque. Each one with its own individual details. Twas really fun seeing it all in person.

More costumes tomorrow! :-)


Sandi McBride said...

I'm wondering if this exhibit will be traveling our way! If so, I'm there!!!

Justin said...

Looks like it was cool! And yes, I would love to see whatever pictures you have.

P.S. That's Sebulba, not Watto :p