Saturday, April 23, 2011

Succulent Saturday - spring garden post!

Sorry for my bloggy absence, but we've had our first sunny *week* in recent memory - and it had to be spent out in the garden.
 After months and months of studio time, it has been pretty neglected and is taking *much* clean-up before I can even attempt re-planting... I have nearly planted 6.5 out of the 8 of these beds here however!

 Need to wait on planting the beans, tomatoes and cucumbers... Not warm enough yet.

 The current and jostaberry (as well as the blueberries, gooseberries and aronia berries) are happily blooming.

 Got my *new* backyard bed rototilled and have roughly laid in the bricks so that I can start planning its contents.

The chickens are very grumpy about all of this. I keep them locked in until all the seedlings are well enough established to withstand their grazing and scratching. They perch and yell at me every chance they get.

You'll have to wait for June, girls!


Gretel said...

I should think so too, those girls look as if they could demolish a seedling bed in seconds flat! I do empathise with the behind-gardening, same here, though without the excuse of cold weather. You do so much with your space, I know that it will be bursting with greenery in a couple of months time. Are you making a herb patch with the 'snail' bed?

TaraLarsenChang said...

They are little feather-driven rototillers. Which is great for keeping the bugs and grubs down - but also does not allow anything volunteer or planted from seed to come up.

The spiral garden will probably be 'historical' (medieval?) herbs - mostly medicinal or anecdotally good for you. Don't have enough of that kind of herb in my yard yet. :-)

Hayden said...

Looks WONDERFUL! I am so jealous! Slowly, slowly working on my giant empty rectangle, trying to create a shape to work w/i and dig the beds. Big job - wondering how much of it I'll manage to get done before the earth becomes impenetrable. Ah well. Whatever I get done, it's all progress.