Monday, June 06, 2011

Music Monday - Because, plus Garden Update

I love love love the harmonies in this
 (warning - partial nudity. Avert your eyes if this is problematic for you - it is worth hearing):

This is sort of garden/earthy - so I thought that I would post some early June garden shots - (click on the photo for a larger view).
 This is the back yard roughly stitched together (all the holes are where the deck is). Things are filling in nicely. The raspberry patch is in full bloom and is completely abuzz with honey and bumblebees. The bottom center picture shows my row of columnar apple and cherry trees along the side of the deck stairs...

Stitching together the deck was in no way possible, but you can see the herb boxes, the monster kiwi vines that grow just beyond and my new mini-greenhouse sort of thing (since it is refusing to get seriously warm out. My starts are still itty-bitty little things...)

One benefit of the cool weather is that the lettuces and various greens are at their peak. Backyard salads are full of awesome right now!


dinahmow said...

Yay! Greens-in-pots! (Double yay if you have no grasshoppers! If you do, the chant becomes: Go! Cats! )

Soozcat said...

Across the Universe is in so many ways a love letter to the generation that came of age in the '60s. I wasn't sure I would like it, but it's visually compelling and almost all the Beatles covers are inspired.

cmv... said...

completely lovely! i adore your incredible use of space!