Friday, July 08, 2011

IMC Report - Part VI

This year, I kind of volunteered to head up the faculty thank-you gifts. We ended up ordering customized sketchbook covers from the awesome folks at Renaissance Art.
(Pocket Moleskine cover on left, custom sketchbook on right).
(Check out their site - truly gorgeous stuff, and they are very very nice to work with. I want one of my own now!).

We had a little 'ceremony' where I (and my awesome helpers) handed out the various sketchbooks.

Each book had a (gorgeous) sketch done by one of the students on the title page, along with a 'love note' of sorts, and an accordian foldout covered with our signatures and personal messages.

(Iain McCaig loves his sketchbook. :-)

We gave the large, beautiful one to Rebecca, with an incredible sketch by the awesome Kimberly Kincaid (see a much better scan of this picture on her blog here).

Donato also handed out some cool stuff, both to the assistants (Aaron Miller shows his excitement)-

-and he also arranged for all the faculty to draw a self-portrait of sorts for Rebecca -

Talent and appreciation - such a fun and potent combination!

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The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank YOU, Tara, for all your efforts putting this together. You went way beyond expectations to provide a memorable gift for the faculty.