Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Friday - the Utah Shakespeare Festival

A week ago I was in Cedar City, Utah
for the 50th Annual Shakespeare Festival -

It's held on the lovely Southern Utah University campus -

(big year!)

I went with my parents, who also enjoyed Will and company :-) (see my father above - the same one who posed for my biker-ogre in the previous post. Kinda out of character!)

There were all kinds of ancillary wonderful things to see and do. There were many displays showing tidbits from the past five decades...

There are walls of photos of stars from past productions -

There were play orientations and all kinds of lectures and discussions throughout the day -

There was original art in some of the lobbies (here is a wall full of James Christensen Shakespearean sketches and color studies for sale. Fabulous!!)

My favorite thing was probably the costume design retrospective -

Besides the actual costumes on display, there were walls full of framed designs from the past 50 years, many complete with luscious fabric swatches.

And then there was the outdoor theater - Tudor-esque, and reminiscent of the Globe theater (albeit, not round).

(inside view)

The courtyard is lovely, atmospheric and full of costumed vendors and characters -

(one of the Elizabethan treat sellers. It smelled heavenly in the courtyard).

(mobile seller of treats) -

My mother with the Queen...

There were also a number of outdoor performers -

-singing, dancing, juggling, comedy...

It was really a fabulously wonderful weekend - the company and the performances were outstanding.

Thanks for it all, Will!


dinahmow said...

SO far away...
But I can always rely on you for a feast of photos!
Thanks, Tara.

Soozcat said...

It really is a wonderful festival. And very well documented!