Saturday, August 06, 2011

Succulent Saturday - Garden + Kitten update

Just a snippet of what things look like in August....
Raspberry patch is all but played out for the year...

The grapes are completely covering the fence and beyond -

Jerusalem artichokes along the fence (they'll probably grow another couple of feet before they're done).

And then there's Max... A whole four months old!
- and still climbing up my body (this is a view of my belly..)

And Max in his favorite cat bed (which he fills more and more each month).

Happy August!


melinda beavers said...

The garden looks LOVELY and Max is just SO ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing these - so fun to see. :)

Rebecca Bush said...

Nice garden this year! Everything is so lush. Even Max.

Hayden said...

sigh. I so admire your garden! Absolutely the only 'bit' of my place that looks like anything at all this month is my foundation shrubs at the front - and that, only on one side. Everywhere else I seem to be constantly losing the weed war.