Saturday, September 03, 2011

Succulent Saturday - Cedar Breaks

We did a little bit of sight-seeing whilst we were down in Southern Utah a couple of weeks ago. One place of breath-taking splendor was the ampitheater canyon of Cedar Breaks National Monument:
It is 10,000 feet above sea level in the midst of Dixie National Forest -
The wildflowers were pretty spectacular. I think they said that there are over 150 varieties blooming at the height of the season.

There were also critters about - birds, ground squirrels readily seen - happily, no mountain lion sightings.

And after walking past some of the trees and meadows, you come upon the ampitheater -

The canyon is apparently over 2000 feet deep -

- the sky so blue and you could see what felt like forever -

The color variations (which my camera does not begin to do justice to) were beautiful - reds, ochres, siennas, creams, purples...

Pinnacles, upcroppings and bristlecone pine stud the lower walls..

(there is a short little video at the top of the official Cedar Breaks site which better shows the color and the scope of the canyon.. Go see!)

Spectacular time with the parents!

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