Thursday, September 15, 2011

Therapeutic Thursday - Halloween Berries..

As a nice break from all the painting and packing in the house, I got to spend some time out in the garden today. Picked a small amount of a bunch of things (fava beans, gogi berries, Himalayan 'chocolate' berries, figs, cherry tomatoes, chamomile blossoms) and completely stripped the aronia and seabuckthorn bushes.
 They are so intensely colored -

 Came in with thoroughly stained hands and forearms (which you only get a taste of in this photo) - dark purple juice, orange 'dust' and smears of red from all the thorns on the seaberry bush...

Neither berry is all that great to eat straight off the bush (bland in the case of the aronia and super-tart for the seaberries), but are chocked-full of anti-oxidant goodness and are great frozen and added to my smoothies all winter.

The only thing that would make them better would be having them ripen closer to the end of October. :-)

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Richard Jesse Watson said...

Tara, I've never heard of these berries. Gotta try them some time. Beautiful!