Thursday, October 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Studio Swap, continued...

I've been working so hard (painting walls vs. my painting Christmas mailer which I want to be working on)that I wasn't even on the computer yesterday to post the WIP!
Old Studio (which shall now be known as the new Guest Room) has been painted shiny 'wedding white' and has had its carpets cleaned (industrial fan roaring away attempting to dry even as I type).

Now it needs to have the closet put back together, and then be furnished. Ikea run tomorrow.

Endless studio unpacking continues (see all those emptied and flattened boxes there on the right? Many of them filled more than once). Still trying to sort and figure out what to do with the *rest* of this stuff...

Aaaand - my ginormous desk. Right now, I need a stepladder and a pillow on my chair to be tall enough for it. Need a better setup for climbing up.  On the plus side, the desktop is large enough for the cat bed - so Max is sleeping up here in the corner keeping me company.  

I'm giving myself one more week - and then all this house stuff should be sorted!


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

It's looking great. Can't wait to see it all in person.

Kate Higgins said...

Beware of the false sense of finally knowing where everything is. I did this same thing recently and I had to label drawers and baskets and even shelves before I could actually go right to the thing I wanted. It feels good though to have a "new" space doesn't it?

TaraLarsenChang said...

Kim - I'm planning on you helping figure out where to re-hang all the pictures.

Welcome Kate - looks like you live in my neck of the woods? And yes! I've totally been doing that. I have labels on every bin and basket and shoebox... Hope it doesn't take too long to learn where everything lives now.