Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Studio Swap

 Thanks to some energetic young men, the old studio is finally *empty*! I've wiped down the walls and the baseboards and spackled all the many many holes in the walls so that I can begin painting it tomorrow. (I will miss the view of the gardens and chickens from that window).

 I also need to call the carpet cleaners (see the imprint of the filing cabinets - complete with rusty spots..) Then, on to acquiring new bedroom furniture and accouterments for its final transformation into the new guestroom.

 So now pretty much everything has been moved downstairs to the shiny new studio space. Is total chaos. How the heck did all this stuff fit in that half-as-large room upstairs? (Here it is a couple of years ago, when it wasn't quite so crowded..)

Transitions - so slow and labor intensive. Am hoping to *finish* this soon! Actual art is anxiously awaiting completion!

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dinahmow said...

Oh! Do I hear you!
Must dash...have stuff to file, but where is the relevant drawer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!