Wednesday, March 07, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Asian bakeries

Down to planning the third and final open house after the son's wedding... Part of that is checking out the food options. In person! This open house will have primarily Asian food, and Justin especially wants stuffed buns. Must.Taste.Test!
This entails a trip to Seattle's International District.

Whose entry is guarded by lovely decorative pagoda -

- and lovely dragons! (I want some of these hanging outside of *my* house.)

I love the mix of food, typography, icons, lanterns - and the occasional satellite dishes.

Many of the store fronts are thematic and gorgeous.

(if I can't have a dragon outside my house, could I have a Chines lion? please?)

Even the columns underneath the overpass show Asian influence.

Just outside of China Town, you can see glimpses of Seattle proper -here's the train station's clock tower.

We were successful in our bakery pillaging. Stuffed buns for us! (Coconut, taro, red-bean paste, bbq,chicken curry, fried sesame, etc...!) I must say, it will be hard to narrow it down. Maybe we need to try them all again....

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