Sunday, April 01, 2012

Justin Gerard Workshop - Watercolor Demo

 Justin showed us his watercolor approach - from the transfer of his drawing - 
(click for a larger view)

 To his warm under-painting - 

 - and the addition of  cool, neutralizing tones...

...and more color (about 50% completed, he says....)


Brian Bowes said...

Thanks for posting Tara,

Wish I could've come up to the event. It looked like a great opportunity to learn from Justin. Thank you for sharing some of your experience here, it's fascinating to watch a piece of work come together.

Tara Chang said...

It's been fabulous getting to watch him work in person. I follow his blog, so I've seen lots of his WIP posts - but they pale in comparison! The internets are great, but are hard pressed to compare to in-person experiences.

Maybe you can come for another one? :-)