Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday - The Garden Song (muppet style) + April garden

It is *so* gardening season! Celebrating with John Denver, and the muppets:

I've done very little thus far this year between months' of wedding stuff and the sprained wrist... Things grow on their own none-the-less!
Given my slow start this year, I bought a number of plant-starts this year instead of doing the bulk from seed. (Here are the fateful ones I was carrying when I tripped and sprained the drawing hand).

I've begged and hired some help and gotten the initial weeding done and the strawberry beds strewn with straw....

-the plant starts put in (seeds still to come) - and SoMuchParsley! left over from last year. Pulled out lots, but it's so lush and lovely, I can't bear to tear out more as of yet. The overwintered greens are happily growing and the sweet cicely is blooming....

- the raspberry bed is cleaned out, strewn with straw and has some new babies placed in-

-and the new-as-of-last-year spiral bed is maturing nicely. Mostly traditional/medicinal herbs. Wave at the cranky chickens (they are banished to the coop until the new growth is sufficiently established that they won't demolish it).

It is a veritable jungle of sumptuous jungley growth (here are the burgeoning buds on the kiwi vines). Maybe by next week I'll be able to actually work out here two-handed!


Soozcat said...

John Denver himself looked rather muppety. Maybe that's why they collaborated so often. :)

Tara Chang said...

Heh - yes, yes he does.

And I must say, there is something incredibly adorable about a singing, muppet cantaloupe!

Ruthie Redden said...

SO glad to hear you are on th mend, must say I'm very envious of even your left handed sketching lol. The garden is looking fab, coming along a treat, sigh, im still waiting for mine to get dug over, things have been far too busy here the first quarter of the year & Poppy has taken up lots of time too, though im not complaining. But you have inspired me to try & get on in our veg patch again now thank you Tara x ps: HJope ur back to ur right-handedness very soon x