Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catch up Wednesday - Artist as Brand Workshop

The other thing I did while I was in Kansas City was attend Greg Spalenka's Artist as Brand workshop! (there is a great description of on the site of the objectives of this workshop - which was perfect for me and where I am right now.)
10 artists gathered for three days to get to know ourselves and our objectives better and plan for our futures - 
Greg led us in exercises, both visual and self evaluation. We also had guest speakers  - a Skype session with  Greg Montana too help nail our Core Virtues, and a visit from the amazing Mrs. Spalenka, Roxana Villa to hear about her ventures from illustration to now concocting scrumptuous botanical perfumes....

We all got some one-on-one time with Greg reviewing our portfolios and future plans -

- as well as interacting with and learning from each other.

Fun, visiting time - even during our lunch breaks (this day with the fabulous Sue Cornelison, Paul Micich and Greg Spalenka).

It was a great three days. I am thinking new and different thoughts about my art and my approach to the whole business... I'm still working these things out in my head. Stay tuned. I'll let you know where it all lands...

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Greg Spalenka said...

Wow, you really captured the workshop. To your empowerment and clarity!