Thursday, June 07, 2012

Philadelphia - Part I, the City

I spent a few days on the East coast this past week, mostly centered around Philadelphia - accompanying my husband on a business trip. We used to live out there, met out there and still have some friends and family out there, so thought it would be fun to do a little visiting.
We did a little bit of sight-seeing as well - City Hall (squeezed in between the sky scrapers) -

The horse and buggy lined drive leading up to Independence Hall -

- which is a lovely block of historical buildings - now across the street from the Liberty Bell .

There's all kinds of lovely, old architectural elements....

...Blocks and blocks of historical row houses (a thing we don't have out here) -

Another thing I haven't seen before - cars parked in the center lane of the road...

... as well as a number of colleges and universities right in the city proper....

Lots of beautiful things - paths and bridges along the rivers, gorgeous old cemeteries,  and lots of murals painted on walls. Was a fun city to drive through.

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