Sunday, June 10, 2012

Philadelphia - part last, Brandywine Art Museum

Got to spend a fabulous few hours at one of my favorite museums -
The Brandywine Art Museum - home of lots of Howard Pyle and all the various Wyeth's art.

It is housed in a re-purposed old mill, along the lovely Brandywine 'Creek' (or Christiana River) - 

The grounds are beautiful - full of wild flowers, and sculpture. :-) We have pictures of us sitting on this cow dating from the early 80's. :-)

oh - and wild life! :-)

My very generous chauffeurs and fellow-museum-perusers for the day - Dominick Saponaro and Christina Hess (continuing the picture-taking-on-the-statuary tradition. :-)

Besides the always fun art-viewings (which we are not allowed to photograph), there is the stunning views from the various windows -

See the fun brickwork in the courtyard?

Topped off with lunch at Hank's Place. Great day. Great visit.
But really glad to be home... in the land of cool summers and low humidity.

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