Saturday, July 21, 2012

Utah trip - on the road to Southern Utah

We drove several hours down to Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival - but found things of interest on the way -
At a gas station/rest stop in the middle of no-where, we were surprised by a peacock in the parking lot.. What? Why...?

Turns out there was a petting zoo on the property (who knew?) - full of a nice selection of animals from the exotic -

(baby llamas!)

- to the domestic (baby sheeps and pygmy goats :-)

The peacock was pecking at car tires and even stalking my son. Keeps life interesting. :-)

Closer in is the Parowan Gap -

A rocky out-cropping in the middle of endless looking flat lands...

It's most striking feature is its coterie of ancient petroglyphs..

It's amazing what can be found, even in the middle of seemingly emptiness....

(Sister, the faery-nieces and the son).

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