Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabulous Friday - King Tut!

The son and his wife dropped in for the weekend to visit. This means outings and all the local-friend-hanging-out possible.
One of the outings was to the King Tut exhibit at the Science Center -

(getting in the mood. :-)

The statuary was astoundingly gorgeous -

From these enormous ones -

To ones that were merely life-sized -

To small (and rather dimly-lit. Was hard to photograph in this non-flash arena. But I *loved* this grouping. The lower right was a sculpted 'sketch'..)

And look at this head! Many of the sculptures had these extended craniums. Including the mummy of King Tut - so it was not merely a stylistic choice. They even had 'neck cradles' to support their heads as they slept.

Pet cat sarcophagi! 

Beautiful, beautiful carved frieze....

And there were a number of pieces from the tomb itself. This is a gold 'mask' that would have completely covered his head and shoulders.

In addition to all the stone carvings and statues, there were also a number of remarkably preserved ones made of wood (these things are 3000+ years old!)

Jewelry, amulets, pendants - he had over 150 things adorning his corpse (including gold finger and toe tips) to help in his travels to the next life.

Gold, inlaid coptic jars. The artistry and craftsmanship was truly impressive. It was a great exhibit.

At the very end, was a replica of the actual mummy, made with one of those 'magic' 3D printers. See here: 

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