Tuesday, October 09, 2012

2012 Fall Retreat - Part Last (art!)

I always look forward to our retreats for the amount of art that usually gets accomplished -
- which is generally a nice balance of new/experimental and 'work'. A lot of it was done outside (which seemed to invite the company of various 'critters' to participate)...

Experimental for me - can you believe I've never actually painted plein air before? I was *determined* to break that ice this year.... This was as far as I got in my allotted time.

I worked on some comps for a show based on The Day of the Dead...

I also experimented with some Master Copies/new mediums - underpaintings with acryla-gouache on clear-gessoed surfaces.  Plus some progress on several other projects that will hopefully show up at some point.

And! the most interesting critter that came to visit was this Snake Fly (we had to look it up. I've never seen one before!). It reminded me of a tiny dragon - with that great big head and a long flexible tail that it whipped and curled back and forth.

Once again, a magical retreat. And it's so long until next year's!

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