Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 We used limited decorations on the tree this year (it did not feel puppy-safe to have much on there, or on there very low.). The daughter thought it was *too* sparse and added stuffed animals - out of doggie reach.

 Toby was thrilled with his new stash of tennis balls (his *favorite* thing ever!)

Max wasn't sure what he thought of it all, so spent a great deal of time beneath the tree trying to decide.
It was a lovely day. Fabulous food, lots of relaxing.

Oh, except for the packing. I'm leaving for Utah for a few days tomorrow. Must see my son. And the brand new niece. :-) I'll be back before New Year's. I'll catch you up then.

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Ms. S said...

Happy holidays to you Tara! I'm sure your visit with the new niece will be lovely. :)