Monday, January 14, 2013

Music Monday - Unicorns (Sunset in Seattle)

They say the liminal times of day are thresholds to the thinning of veil between us and....other....
Dawn and sunset can be such thresholds or doorways.

(You can see the Seattle skyline across the lake on clear days like these).

Things feel a bit surreal. Like you can almost taste the color of the failing light.

(You can also see the Space Needle barely hovering over the tree line -just left of center).

...That you can almost reach through our generally solid mundane existence and catch a glimpse of Faery or something else not 'here'?

Julie Tabor sings of this or something similar in her rather otherworldly "Unicorns":

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Julia Kelly said...

I love walking the dogs at dusk, summer or winter cause there is "something" in the air!