Wednesday, January 09, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Georgetown Atelier

Yesterday, I attended my first session as a part-time student at Georgetown Atelier - A friend and I decided to do this together - attempting to fill in some holes in our art education -

Started with  structural studies -

- and some life drawing -

Our instructor did draw-overs -

- showed us his method of sharpening charcoal pencils -

Did demos of structural drawing -

- Plus showed us a number of examples of lovely lovely block ins....

(I want to draw like him when I grow up...)


Merisi said...

Now I am extremely curious to find out more about sharpening a charcoal pencil your instructor's way!

Happy New Year,

The word verification feels like jumping through hoops and fire. I have often fallen in and given up.

Tara Chang said...

Hi Merisi!

He sharpens via razor blade and sandpaper. Exposes an inch+ of lead - sharpens on the sand paper.

(I'll see about taking the word verification off again. Put it on when there was far far too much spam happening...)