Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday - Marrakesh Night Market (plus photoshoot!)

After an amazing weekend with Greg Spalenka's Artist as Brand workshop (you can see my report on it here), we had one final afternoon before I had to return him to the airport which I spent helping him out with a fantabulous photoshoot. It ended up feeling a bit fairy-ethnic as we listened to Loreena McKennitt in the background, so you get to as well, as you peruse the following pictures:

Greg connected with a local model, Jessica Lough. She and I both brought boxes and bags of fabrics, accouterments and costuming elements to choose from.
Greg was very inventive with our limited resources.

 Many variations of costume and lighting were attempted.

(Is this not the best profile *ever*?!!!) 

Jessica's fabulous significant other was put to work right and left -

- from light-holding, to fan-holding -

-to photographer holding!

 Fun shoot. Great weekend overall!

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