Saturday, April 27, 2013

Succulent Saturday - SciFi Museum Fantasy Exhibit

On museum day, after seeing the Fechin at the Frye, a friend took me to a fabulous preview of the new Fantasy exhibit at the SciFi Museum -

My friend was doing a review of this exhibit, so we got a nearly private tour from the curator. There was only another media rep, some miscellaneous workmen putting last minute touches on things, and us.

They have a nice selection of print examples - from graphic novel art, to early manuscripts of The Lord of the Rings, etc...

There are also a number of interactive tables - this one talks about fantasy archetypes. You can take a quiz and see which of the 20 archetypes *you* are (I am apparently a trickster.)

The big main room is vaguely medieval in feel - lots of lanterns and barred cells -

-old European looking stone walls -

A dragon in a jeweled cell on top of his golden hoard...

A 16th century suit of gorgeous, decorative armor -

There's an enormous 'scaled' tree in the center -

And fun costumes! Originals from the likes of The Wizard of Oz -

-The Princess Bride -

-Labyrinth, amongst a number of others....

Another of the interactive displays will allow you to make your own fantasy map - which you can get printed out and purchase to take home.

There is a room of fantasy art - from concept art from the movie Brave to this ginormous Brom original (gorgeous - but the lighting was no good for photographing in there)...

And there were a number of  movie paraphernalia - like this maquette from The Dark Crystal -

Swords from the Dread Pirate Roberts, Inego Montoya, and the Highlander.

Staff and crown from the Snow Queen in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The 'library' inside the giant tree had some treats as well -

Another super-cool interactive table - with all kinds of fantasy literature and music information.

This was one of my favorites - a copy of an actual letter from 1908 for Peter Pan. :-)

The whole thing is beautifully thought out and gorgeously put together.  My only wish was that it was about four times as large - it only scratches the surface of fantasy wonders.  Definitely worth seeing though!

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