Saturday, October 26, 2013

Succulent Saturday - Steamcon 2014

This weekend was Steamcon. Once again it was a visual treat for the eyes.... :-)
Saw a surprise friend at registration -

Super-cute costume couple.

The mercantile was hopping and full of steampunkery wonders -

- Apparel -

- Fripperies -

- Merchants -

-Purveyors of marvels -

- accessories galore -


Fabulous magician -

Stern military fellas.

Diverse and lovely ladies.

Even superheroes!

Always a good time. :-)
Until next year.


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Is it just me or does steampunk appeal to the more "mature" crowd? Great costumes!

Tara Chang said...

Maybe one of the reasons I like it? :-) There are definitely younger participants, even children - but it's maybe one that 'older' folks *can* participate in more readily, since it is more dependent upon brains and ingenuity rather than physical prowess (aka - Comic Book cosplay, etc..)