Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Culmination

Last week I showed some of the process shots for this painting. This week, I'm showing one of the end results of its creation. This is the second in a series of art-flash fiction collaborative pieces that I am doing with the delightful and talented Lisa Mantchev.

Aneira and Her Consorts

This will be the longest night.
The cats accompany the princess on the journey back. They are her constant companions into the darkness, and their breath promises frostbite. Blood-on-snow. She is unconcerned, for their fur is her bedding and the wilderness her chamber, at least until she reaches the ice castle once more.
You have caught her attention, though, human child. You, with your mittened hands and cherry-red nose. You crashed between the trees and through the hedges, searching out mistletoe, the woods ringing with merry laughter.
But the sounds of the other children have faded into the distance and before you… before you unfolds a world, crystal-gleaming. A place where the ice queen reigns in a holly crown, her slippered feet resting on slumbering bears.
They’ve need of a jester.
Can you sing? Will you dance?
Step inside this world; you will leave no footprints here.


Tom Sarmo said...

The process was great to see--thanks, Tara. And I very much like this piece!

Tara Chang said...

Thank you Tom. I enjoyed this piece.