Thursday, May 01, 2014

Happy May Day -

 Today could not have been more beautifully glorious! So much sun and growing/blooming things....

 The grapes are leafing and budding.

 The Sweet Cicely, in all its sweet, anise-y glory, is blooming profusely.

 As are the bleeding hearts.

The lilacs are full out - filling the air with their delicious fragrance. 

 Here is a clump of Lady's Mantle - particularly apropos for May Day. Medieval herblore provides 'recipes' for youth or true love or seeing fairies that include dew drops collected from the leaves of Lady's Mantle (especially on the morning of May 1st, or by the light of the mid-summer's full moon).

 The celadon is growing and blooming.

 The fig tree is fruiting and leafing out.

 Lungwort, Johny-jump-ups, Sweet Angelica and lamb's ear...

 The large, graceful quince blossoms.

 Violets growing amidst the parsley.

And Toby-the-terror, begging for yet another game of fetch.

Happy May Day!

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