Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday - New Studio Chicks!

 It's time to update the chicken flock -

 - with a new batch of studio chicks!

 Just four this time around. It's the very end of chick-buying season, so I was kind of stuck with what they had left.

 A California White, a Red Sex Link - 

 - and a couple of Ameracaunas (so white, brown and blue/green egg-layers).

 (Ameracaunas are some of my favorite chicks - they start out looking a bit like chipmunks.)

Toby-the-terror doesn't quite know what to think about their tiny-chirpy-cuteness. I'm hoping he'll be more care-taking of these guys since he'll see them raised from babies. The last batch of poor older gals got chased a lot.

So, here's to Urban Chickens! 

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