Thursday, October 09, 2014

Studio Tour (Critique Meeting) -

 This month's critique meeting was at fellow-member, Michelle Waldele-Dick's wonderful studio!

 Michelle specializes in narrative still life paintings.

 Many are whimsical or tell very interesting stories.

 There are paintings in every corner!

 (and mantel and floor space.....

 ....and wall and dresser top and.....)

 But not only are there paintings on every side, but so many fabulous objects that she uses as reference and inspiration.

 Shelves full them!

 Shelves and shelves - 

 - and shelves full!

 Plus tableaus and vignettes on all sides...

It's a magical, artsy, wonderful space.

(And do check out Michelle's work. She's a beautiful painter!)

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Rebecca Bush said...

It was a very inspiring visit, indeed. She is an amazing painter!