Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Convention Weekend - CTNx

 I spent this past weekend down in Burbank, attending the Creative Talent Network Expo (my first for this convention). It focuses primarily on animation and related art forms.

 It's a relatively small event, but VERY well attended (crowded crowds...)

 A number of the top companies were in attendance. Lots of portfolio reviews....

 (Big Hero 6 was very visible at the Disney booth. Lots of fun swag :-) 

 Of course, Stuart Ng was there with his delicious, hugely tempting selection of yummy art books.
There were lots of live demos, life drawing, lots of panels and workshops.....

And meeting new and/or hanging out with old friends (I got to have dinner with the lovely Terryl Whitlach all three nights there).

 Ran into a nice handful of illustrators I know (here is Zelda Devon). 
A number of people I talked to at their various booths are posted on my facebook page.

My roommate and I also made a side-trip to Universal Studios 
(since I've never been to the California version of this park).

 The weather was *perfect*, bright, blue, sunny and warm - which made all the Christmas decor appearing feel rather odd.

It was mostly one big treat of a weekend. :-)


Kirk Parrish said...

Great Post! I was gonna go to the event, but alas, had to bow out. It's ver expensive. I've been in years past and always had a great time. Sadly, I think CTN has gotten WAY too crowded for the Marriott -- which is too bad because its the perfect venue. Here's a link to my past CTN experience if you're interested.

Tara Chang said...

Thanks Kirk. Nice report (and yes, it is getting pretty darn crowded. Not the best set up for the numbers IMO).