Saturday, November 01, 2014

Succulent Saturday - Portrait Workshop

 Second week of the oil-painting portrait workshop...
(more instructor examples.)

 This week, we were shown several different approaches to underpainting...

 Shadow patterns, silhouettes, vine-charcoal drawings... Shown with the hope that one will 'work' for us in any given situation.

 (I still don't know what I'm doing....)

 (Oil paint is stupid!)

 Charcoal is a little more familiar...

I want to do one of these a day until I get a better feel... Given my current schedule, it's a little bit wishful thinking, but something I'd like to aspire to.

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Shona said...

You're doing great! Paint can be such an unruly beast and it's tough trying to switch from the light-to-dark of pencil to dark-to-light approach of oils. I tend to get my fingers on it to smudge edges about or wipe paint off with a rag and turps if things look a bit too hard when I'm painting :)