Friday, February 05, 2016

Fab Friday - Mythic Worlds

This weekend is the annual MythicWorlds convention.  It is always fabulous seeing old art friends, and meeting new ones. Another highlight is the Krab Jab Studio room - which is always beautifully arranged and full of yummy art.   This year they are hosting the preview of their next show, "Arboreal Dreams" - which I did this little piece for - 

Acorn Dreams

"Our ancestors perceived the forest as a sacred space filled with living entities. Modern humans more often think of trees merely as objects to be harvested for mundane uses. The forest creatures however, have not broken the ancient connection between the trees and the living things they protect and nurture. While the squirrel, for instance, is fed and sheltered byt he tree, the tree in turn may have originally planted by the squirrel; the two create a kind of symbiotic magic, where both living beings are more than they could ever be alone."

You can see this, and the rest of the show (which is gorgeous) next Saturday at the official open.

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