Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sketchbook Wednesday - Cooking Quince

 Earlier this fall, I posted a picture on instagram of some of the funky pineapple quince ripening on the tree in my backyard.

 Quince is not your typical fruit. It is rock hard and astringent.  Not really something you pick and eat out of hand.

 Cook it though, and it becomes a totally different story! There are lots of recipes out there on the interwebs (I used this one for the crop I harvested this fall).

Cooking - with the addition of some sweetening and spices, it transforms into this highly fragrant, spicy elixir of deliciousness. Plus! The fruit magically turns pink and tender. It is a delightful surprise to your palate. If you can run down some quince of your own, give it a try.

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