Monday, November 28, 2005

First Frost....

I meant to pay attention to the weather temperatures this fall - watching for the first frost, because I wanted to harvest some tender herbs before it hit. Well, yesterday it took me awhile to recover from the rat incident and I didn't find out about a potential frost until after dark - and then I didn't have the heart or energy to go out into the wet and cold with a flashlight to harvest stuff... Ah, well...

There are still things blooming and even a final raspberry on the canes. The entire backyard was rimmed with frost. Chilly but beautiful.

Jack wasn't sure what to think of the crunchy ground. He was in stark contrast to the lightened ground. The frost remained until nearly noon. They are predicting possible snow tonight. Always an event in Seattle.

I spent the bulk of the day working on the reindeer. I am nearly done painting it. Then will have some colored-pencil noodling to do. Should be done with it tomorrow. Picked up some more books-on-tape from the library and my one outing (and reason to get out of my pajamas). Hurray for progress.

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