Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sketch check:

This is the vignette on the bottom half of the title page


Anonymous said...

I want it to feel fuzzier and little cheery. The expression is a bit dour somehow. I loved the sweet look on the cow. How to do this? Don't know. Maybe fake a smile or plump and fuzz out a bit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe look a little sleepy?. I'd make knees a little bigger as they come toward us. Maybe also make a little dip to mark hip oh I forgot to say who I am- gudrun

gudrun said...

me again- This probably doesn't matter and I'm not sure this is right but is it possible the head is too small? It is so cute but something seems off. I's try making the head bigger to bring it closer. THe closer you are to something the faster the diminishing. So we will feel closer that way. Have you thought of putting another animal or two outside the barn waiting to get in, maybe one looking up at the sky above our heads? Maybe too distracting from the focal point.
(Wow, I have figured out that when you click on "other" under identity it gives you a chance to put your name. Not too swift! Merry Christmas