Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good art-web advice...

I'm feeling the need for more personalization. Good thoughts below -

From the February issue of The Artist's Magazine:

In the Business column Marques Vickers gives some tips to use your web-presence to their best effect:

1. Personalize your Web site. There are millions of artists worldwide, so the more you can communicate a personal vision of your art—your unique story—either verbally or visually online, the better.

2. Exhibit your art wisely. No matter how clear and detailed your image is, it will lose much of its definition once it’s displayed on your Internet page, so design it wisely and be sure that whatever background you choose flatters your work.

3. Make sure your site loads quickly. Your initial page should serve as a contents page, so it should load on viewers’ screens within eight seconds or less.

4. Keep it fresh. Update the content on your site routinely, which will give people a reason to return again and again.

5. Make your site easy to navigate. Make sure that your links actually connect to where they are supposed to and your viewer doesn’t have to waste too much time figuring out the focus and contents of your site.

6. Allow for interaction. Adding a guest book, message board, blogging mechanism or response forum to your site often extends the time a viewer stays on a Web site and motivates a return visit.

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