Saturday, January 28, 2006

Project update:

Got book number one sent off today. My goal was to finish it by Friday(yesterday) which I thought I had by early evening - but as I scanned the pieces into the computer I could see all sorts of things that needed tweaking (you know how you can see things as soon as you change formats? In a mirror. Upside down. On the computer screen. In print.) So, rather than enjoy my early night, I went back upstairs and tweaked for several more hours... Then spritzed the backs of all the pieces with water and pressed them overnight so that they would lay flat.

Still had to get up early this morning to label and tissue everything (after re-scanning) and get them all packaged up to go. Of course, saw MORE things on the re-scan, but had no more time to address it. A bit depressing really. I really worked hard at resolving all the artistic issues fairly early on. Got them looked at by 'fresh' outside eyes to check myself. Checked and re-checked. Why can I not see some of this stuff until it's nearly done? Or worse, after it's printed??? I find this very frustrating. Not so much that I make mistakes - but that it is still so difficult for me to see some of them for the *longest* time... If at all.

My big reward for myself for today was to take a nap, and do a bit of clean-up in the yard in the brief window of sunshine that we had - but I was too tired and it was a bit too chilly to really get out there, so I had to compromise by cleaning up the herb boxes on the deck. Lots of baby parsleys coming up. In fact, lots of things are emerging and even blooming in the yard.

From English Daisies to violets. It's probably time to break out the "Secret Garden" soundtrack - which is my favorite 'emerging spring' music to listen to. Luckily it comes quite early to western Washington. It'll be nice to have new green and a bit of sunshine to keep me company for book #2...


PG said...

Hurrah for finishing books! Hurrah for spring! (I wondered where it'd gone, it's gone all frosty over here).
I like Secret Garden too. Good 'starting the morning' with music I find.

anj said...

congrats on finishing the book! I'm glad you had a chance to rest those critical eyes! I look forward to getting out to the garden as well, but the ground's still frozen. Lovely to see these photos of new green.

Maya said...

Tlc, congratulations on finishing the book!!! :)

michelle said...

Hooray! One down. I know what you mean about seeing mistakes after you think you're finished. Especially for you, being on a deadline. But remember, you are much harder on yourself than the rest of the world. I'm sure the book is lovely!