Monday, February 13, 2006

Value class:

A fun time was had by all (well, maybe not all) in the value classes of last week. We did everything from going over the basics - making value scales (and punching holes in them so that you can compare various colors to their actual value), identifying and "mapping" out 5 values on any number of white-spray-painted geometric objects, drawing some of them in full value on both white and toned paper (introduced using charcoal in this class). All in all, a very left-brained and academic approach to seeing values and shadows.

To apply that to our right-brained way of seeing we got to replicate some master's portraits that were heavy on the shadow and value scale - using all of our right-brain tricks - negative spaces, drawing upside down, informal perspective and sighting, etc... It nicely pulls together pretty much all the concepts we've covered so far. And I love working on toned paper! It reduces the time spent dramatically - pull out your lights, punch up your darks, and viola! you're done!

Now back to book sketches and the next class curriculum (5 new weeks - where color will also be introduced!)

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Maya said...

Hi Tlc :)
I remember doing this exercise some time ago with the same picture (it was in the book" drawing on the right side of the brain")
I did it turning the picture upside down and remember not having a clue what it was I was drawing, if it was a nose or a mouth or a pipe...I remember how shocked I was turning my sketch the right way up!!!
Really makes you see the things in a whole new light!!